About Us

IMAGINE THAT! DAY CARE/PRESCHOOL INC. exists to provide a quality environment for every family and child. We believe that learning is wholistic. Social, emotional, physical, communicative, and intellectual aspects of the self interact to produce growth. Because each child is unique, this learning process is based upon developmental achievements, the child’s individual style of learning, and experimental background.

Children learn by active exploration, manipulation, and concrete experience which form the foundation for future more abstract learning. The classroom must provide multi-sensory experience at varying levels, which allow the children to question, reason, create, and engage in meaningful interactions with others. The primary focus for your child’s learning is play.

The nature and needs of the individual child are recognized. The child can attain meaning mastery within the environment through social interactions with peers, the teacher and other nurturing adults. Close communication between parent and teacher is necessary for optimum growth.

We are here both for the children and their families to help create an environment that each parent would want for their child if they were able to spend the day with him/her. We appreciate each child and his/her family by providing a “team work” effort on creating the best environment possible for each child. The family is always the child’s primary educator and our role is to support the family.

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